Wireless Off Camera Flash Setup

The easy and comfortable way to move a flash unit off the camera is to use a wireless flash trigger, for example, low cost, quite solid and reliable Yongnuo RF-602. Yongnuo wireless flash trigger is a low budget equipment and it should be clear that it doesn't allow wireless TTL flash operation, but that's not a big problem when using the Metz system.

Yongnuo RF-602 wireless flash trigger

The biggest advantage of using a Mezt flash unit (master) with a wireless flash trigger is that you can have the wireless flash setup of a few lights working in the Metz auto remote mode and no need to keep the master flash unit attached to the camera's hot shoe (or via the PC sync connection).

Items needed for a simple wireless setup:
1. wireless flash trigger, for example, Yongnuo RF-602 - you need a transmitter and one receiver,
2. a master flash, i.e., Metz unit with a SCA adapter - I use 54 MZ-4 with SCA 3402 M7 adapter,
3. a few slaves, i.e., Metz units, each equipped with SCA 3083 or SCA 3080 (in case of Metz mecablitz 40 MZ-2) adapter.

The Metz 54 MZ-4 as a master with Yongnuo RF-602 receiver attached